Hairpin Lace Loom

DSCN9939Jenkins Hairpin Lace Loom was developed by Ed Jenkins with input from Jennifer Hansen of Stitch Diva Studios. Stitch Diva Studios has an excellent online tutorial on using the Jenkins Hairpin Lace Loom.

The walnut used in these looms was sourced from local Oregon farmers and can be characterized by knots, insect marks, and other scars of life as well as variations in grain and coloring. These add beauty and character to the wood. The finials on top of the pins may differ slightly in size, shape and wood color. Variations will not affect the function or quality of the loom.

 Each loom is individually made by my hands on a regular wood lathe, no computers are involved. Thus there may be slight differences between the loom bars.


Black Walnut $28.00 USD
Canary $36.00 USD


  1. Can I get a set of extra long pins for my loom? I have the standard size but would like something about 3 inches longer. Thanks!!

  2. I am interested in purchasing 2 hairpin lace looms. I was unable to figure out how to order them from this site. Please contact me. Thank you, Dani

  3. I just received my hairpin lace loom today! So excited! As a woodworker myself, I truly appreciate the craftsmanship on this piece. Can’t wait to use it! Thanks so much!

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